The determination of child support payments is outlined by the government in the Child Support Guidelines which are designed to promote the best interests of children by ensuring appropriate support from both parents. These guidelines simplify the process, facilitating an easier agreement on the support amount. Payment calculations are based on the income of each parent and the number of children they are responsible for. The resulting table support amount covers the daily expenses associated with the support recipient caring for each child, encompassing items such as clothing, groceries, and school-related costs.

When certain school-related expenses exceed the established basic monthly amounts, they are categorized as special or extraordinary expenses. The Child Support Guidelines specify special or extraordinary expenses as those essential for the child’s best interests, reasonable considering the parents’ financial means, and consistent with the family’s spending patterns before separation. For example, if a parent desires their child to attend a private school or engage in extracurricular activities like art, music, or sports programs, the associated costs may be deemed special or extraordinary. To qualify as extraordinary expense support payments, the claiming parent must demonstrate that the costs are not only reasonable but also necessary. What is reasonable depends on the factual circumstances of each family and their respective incomes.

In most cases, special or extraordinary expenses are shared proportionally based on the parents’ earnings, after considering any subsidies or tax credits received by either parent. If both parties have similar incomes, the expenses are often divided equally.

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