There are many reasons why spouses may seek variations:

  • There may have been drastic changes in earnings, jobs, careers, or other life circumstances.
  • One or both former spouses may be in new relationships.
  • The children may be older and have needs that cannot be met by current parenting arrangements, or they may want their custody and access arrangements changed.
  • One parent may have decided to move out of province or out of the country with the children, and apply for custody modification.
  • One or both parents may have decided that the arrangements are not sustainable in the long run.

At Sudano Law PC our Toronto divorce variation lawyers can help ensure that variations respect everyone’s needs and rights. We can also explain your options and the likelihood of success in court. In order to get support modification orders, we generally have to show significant changes in your life circumstances and that the changes could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time that the initial orders were made.

We can also help you to try to work out solutions that don’t involve going to court.


For information on your rights and responsibilities regarding custody, access and support orders, and your chances in applying for or contesting variations in court, contact Sudano Law PC at 647-880-5832 or by email to set up a free consultation. If the court is unavoidable, we will help you through the process as much as we can.

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