I knew I wanted to be a lawyer when I started following the O.J. Simpson Trial. As a young boy, my legal hero was Johnny Cochran because of his prowess as a litigator and linguistic flair. Once I got older and began to research Johnny Cochran for various school projects, I learned that Johnny Cochran believed that a single dedicated man could use the law to change society and that his career was a calling to fight for what was right. Johnny Cochran sparked my interest in the law because I admired his ability to overcome significant odds and challenge legal, social, and racial inequalities. Further, while Johnny Cochran gained notoriety for successfully defending the rich and famous, he was also well known for defending the poor and serving his community.

In my volunteer/extracurricular experience during my undergraduate years, the most important things I took away were the humbling experience of contributing to my community and learning how to utilize my talents for the benefit of others. For me, going to law school wasn’t just a goal, it was my calling. That is why I went to law school.

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Andrew Sudano